English العربية Dr. Wadee Al Halabi


Dr. Wadee Alhalabi is an assistant professor with research interests in virtual reality, rehabilitation engineering, operating systems and machine learning. He focuses on the use of virtual reality application in health science. Dr. Alhalabi have more than 60 publications in those areas. He has edited and co-edited as well as reviewed large number of articles, and journals. He has 4 published books, in machine learning, robotics and virtual reality. Dr. Alhalabi got his master and PhD from the University of Miami, department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2004 and 2008 respectively. He worked as an electronics technician, systems’ engineer, then he moved to work as a lecturer and a professor. He has a vast experience in the industry, as he worked for Jeddah desalination and power generation plant, Saudi Arabia Monetary Agency, Makkah College of Tech., and King Abdulaziz University. He word in Miami with JSP telecommunication for Miami local region.